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Gifts To Selby Public Library

Link: Sarasota County Libraries

We need your support more than ever! Although tax dollars assist the library system, we need the help from other income sources in order to continue our work of helping people to read, learn and improve the quality of their lives.

Libraries Change Lives in Many Positive Ways

  • Help adults learn to read
  • Introduce children to the joys of reading and lifelong learning
  • Help students of all ages pursue their education
  • Provide vital information for people looking for a job, raising a family,
    investing for retirement or coping with a serious illness

Your Donation Will Allow Us To:

  • Keep pace with changing technology
  • Close the gap between the computer "haves" and "have nots"
  • Buy more books, computers and library materials
  • Add new and innovative services to reach out to the people with special needs

What You Will Get in return:

  • Ensure a lasting legacy for yourself or a loved one
  • The Satisfaction of knowing you helped the fight for literacy

BOOKS - A Lasting Tribute

Books honor the memory of loved ones and serve as living tributes that continue their influence in the community.

This is your opportunity to enrich the lives of others while honoring a special person.

Select a subject area that best expresses the interests of the person you wish to honor. The Sarasota County Librarians will be glad to assist you.

Your gift items will include a commemorative bookplate indicating the name of person honored.

The individual or family will be notified of your thoughtful gesture with a letter from the library.

In addition to books, other items are available for tributes such as videos, cassettes, compact discs and magazine subscriptions.

This is a wonderful way to honor your club chairperson, to celebrate a birthday, or to congratulate a dear friend on a special accomplishment.

The average cost of library materials is $25. This is suggested as a minimum donation.

This donation is tax deductible.