Dr. Mary Nickles (left) and Charleen Sessions (right)

Books & Coffee

SEASON 2018-2019
10:30 a.m. inside Selby Public Library
Jack J. Geldbart Auditorium
1331 First Street, Sarasota, FL 34236
Coordinator: Alice Blueglass, Friends of Selby Public Library 2nd VP & Program Coordinator
The programs are free; no reservations required.
Information: 861-1140
Friends Office: 365-5228

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November 13    

Blind Vision: A Veteran’s Story from Trauma to Triumph. As a timely honor to Veteran’s Day,Chad Myers will present his touching, sometimes humorous, co-authored memoir of his father Howard, blinded in Vietnam, who was not stopped from living life with gusto. This memoir is an inspiring illustration of post traumatic growth where people become stronger in the wake of staggering tragedy. Each chapter has a life lesson for all.

December 11

Lorrie Muldowney, President of the Sarasota Alliance for Historic Preservation and former Manager of the Sarasota County History Center will take us on a virtual tour of some ofSarasota’s lesser known architectural landmarks and oddities. Risks to these sites will be discussed as well as some valuable points from the accompanying Book, How Buildings Learnby Stewart Brand.

January 8

Bob and Pat Gussin, authors and co-founders of local Oceanview Publishing, recently received the Thriller Legend Award from International Thriller Writers Association.  Pat is a New York Times and USA best-selling author. They will speak about founding Oceanview Publishing after their careers in medicine; their books, the published authors, the ups and downs of the publishing business, and their vineyards in New Zealand.

February 12

Librarian Charlotte Thompson will present the highly acclaimed book, A Narrative Life ofFrederick Douglass-An American Slave. In honor of Black History Month, she’ll discuss the autobiographical nature of this book as well as the political and philosophical aspects of slavery which Douglass presents with fervor and passion as he relates stories of other slaves he knew. Gain insight into this remarkable man’s life and renew a sense of history.

March 12

Dr. Irving Kushner, presenter and Emeritus Professor of Medicine at Case Western Reserve, University of Cleveland, will review historic U.S. events in his talk, “From Albany to Buffalo, Drums Along the Mohawk to Women’s Lib”. He will discuss the Erie Canal, the first Women’s Rights convention in 1848, and the Sullivan expedition of 1779 ordered by George Washington that wiped out the Iroquois Indians. He touches upon several books relating to happenings in this region.

April 9

The biography, Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow will be discussed by Dr. Ed Dwyer. With a MA and Ph D from Villanova and Temple Universities, Dr. Dwyer taught English for 25 years,  and will present interesting and timely topics centered around this popular book. Listen to some of the Broadway musical’s lyrics, save $500 on a show ticket!

Attendees Receive: A Friends of Selby Library Bookstore Coupon (good on program day). FOLLOWING PROGRAM, FREE TOUR OF SELBY LIBRARY WILL BE OFFERED.

All programs free, open to the public, subject to cancellation or change without notice. Parking, Seating may be limited. Sarasota County prohibits discrimination in all services, programs or activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, marital status, familial status, religion, or genetic information. Persons with disabilities who require assistance or alternative means for communication of program information (Braille, large print, audiotape, etc.), or who wish to file a complaint, should contact: Sarasota County ADA/ Civil Rights Coordinator; 1660 Ringling Blvd; Sarasota, Florida 34236; Phone: 941-861-5000;
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